Lightning In A Bottle

Had a late call last night shooting a commercial with Jeff @ Granberry Studios in Descano Gardens, the crew was nice and from Orange County. The distance makes a difference in on set tone and approach. I really felt like everyone was working on the same team. You'd be surprised. On set it sometimes feels like everyone is working against each other. This was not the case on Jeff Granbery's set. 

This morning I procrastinate on the computer hours before I head out to shoot Lightning In A Bottle with Media Stranger and Doo Lab. 

Debating whether to get an FS7 or A7S ii as more film work piles up, go big or go moderate? 

Life is good, more stable, exciting... Better than working at a restaurant although I do miss it. One learns a lot working in service. I'm glad I learned what that was like. 

Until next time.



Isidor Pollak


6th & Fairfax